The three members of the board of FOSST for the academic year 2019-2020 are complete (f.l.t.r Giel Moerbeek, Emmy Veenema and Paul de Rooij). In the text below you will find a short introduction of all the board members!

Chairman: Emmy Veenema

Hi everyone! My name is Emmy Veenema, I’m 21 years old and this year I am the chairman of Sports Council FOSST. I came in contact with FOSST last year by being a member of both the activity committee and the lustrum committee. As a chairman I’m responsible for leading our board meetings, representing FOSST to all other parties, and having a meeting with the head of the Sports Center every other week. Next to all of of this I luckily still have time to do the sport I enjoy the most: Gymnastics! I am very happy and honored to be able to represent FOSST this year!


Tel: 0658874527

Secretary: Giel Moerbeek

Hello guys. My name is Giel Moerbeek. I’m 24 springs old and I will be the secretary of Sports Council FOSST this year. Before I moved to Tilburg, I lived in Bergen op Zoom. As a secretary, I’m in charge of the administration, FOSST newsletter and dividing subsidies among the SSA’s Currently, I’m in my fifth year of Communication and Information Sciences at Tilburg University. Last year, I was in the Lustrum committee of FOSST. I had a great time in that committee which made me decide to do a board year at FOSST. Furthermore, I have a board interest in sports especially in Table Tennis and Fitness. I’m looking forward to my upcoming FOSST year and hope to reach FOSST to a higher level together with my board buddies! Of course, you can always visit us at the FOSST room to grab a cup of coffee or have a nice talk!


Tel: 0629542789

Treasurer: Paul de Rooij

Hello everyone! My name is Paul de Rooij, I am 25 years old and I am pursuing a (second) research master’s degree in operations research. Moreover, I am the treasurer of FOSST, which means I oversee the finances of FOSST and I foot the bill for events organized by our exciting student sports associations. Previously I have also been the secretary of TSKV Spartacus, which I highly recommend checking out if you want to learn some useful tips & tricks on gym and nutrition. In my spare time I like to pick up reasonably heavy things lying around in the Sports Center, read some books or listen to music and podcasts. As one of your representatives, I am determined to make this a (financially) fruitful year for all student sports associations!


Tel: 0621126518