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The six members of the board of FOSST for the academic year 2018-2019 are complete (f.l.t.r Joeri Phaff, Marjolein Triepels, Bart Goossens, Nadia Kelkboom, Bram Koolen en Astrid Sebel). In the text below you will find a short introduction of all the board members!

Chairman: Nadia Kelkboom

Hi there! I’m Nadia, I’m 20 years old, and I study Global Management of Social Issues at Tilburg University. I was born and raised in the wonderful South of the Netherlands (called Zuid-Limburg) and I’ve been living in Tilburg for 2 years now. I’m a badminton fanatic since I started at BC Victoria about 11 years ago now, and since last year I’ve been an active member of TSBV Sauron. Next to badminton I like to swim, play squash, and above all I love to explore new sports. My student life didn’t start off very active, but through Sauron I came to know FOSST, and this academic year I will be fulfilling the position of chair(wo)man at FOSST. I will make sure together with the board that we will have an amazing year!


Secretary: Astrid Sebel

Hi everyone! I’m Astrid Sebel and this year I will be the secretary for FOSST. I finished my bachelor ‘Personeelwetenschappen’ (I think the English version is called People Management) and started my master Human Resource Studies. Originally I’m from Leidschendam, but since the start of my study I’ve lived in Tilburg. For a long time I’ve played korfball and did horse riding, but right now I have all the time to focus on my work for FOSST. I’m looking forward to the next year and hope to see you all often!


Treasurer: Bart Goossens

Hello, my name is Bart Goossens and I am from Gemert. This year I will fulfill the role of treasurer in the board of FOSST. On top of that, I am hoping to finalize the bachelor Economics and Business Economics this year. Besides those activities, I play football at Merlijn, the student sports football club of Tilburg, a sport that I have been practicing since I was little. I intend to turn this year into a fun and exciting year and please do not hesitate to visit us at the FOSST room!


PR Manager: Marjolein Triepels

Hello everyone! My name is Marjolein Triepels. This year I am the PR manager of Sports Council FOSST. Before I moved to Tilburg, I was living in Nieuwegein. I am a third year student Communication and Information Sciences at Tilburg University. I am an active member of the study association and at a youth travel organisation. Further I play basketball at TSBV Pendragon and sometimes I work in a lunchroom.  I’m looking forward to contributing to FOSST and make it a great year!


Events Manager: Bram Koolen

Hey everyone! My name is Bram Koolen, 21 years old and from Bergen op Zoom. At the moment i’m studying international business administration at the university, but it was time for me to take a gap year. I have been playing volleybal since I was 7 years old and last year I did a board year at T.S.V.V. Gepidae. In that year I was often found in the FOSST chambers, and because of that I found out what FOSST does exactly and how much fun it is. So I would say come visit and see for yourself !!


Sports Manager: Joeri Phaff

Hello everyone, my name is Joeri Phaff, I’m 21 years old and next year I will be the coordinator sports. I grew up in Helmond but since last year I live in Tilburg. At the moment I’m studying ‘economie en bedrijfseconomie’. I started swimming when I was really young and I’m still active for my old club back home. Next year I will be organising all the sport related events and I really hope to see all of you at these events!