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In the Code of Conduct you will find all the rights and obligations of FOSST.

In the annual plan 2018 of FOSST all the focus points of the board will be discussed and explained. These focus points will all be related to the calendar year of 2018. Also the current policy making of the daily board of FOSST will be discussed.

In the association booklet 2018 you can read what FOSST does and above all what they can do for the board members of student sports associations.  In case you doubt the accuracy of some of the information, please send an email to

In the clothing policyall the rights and obligations concerning the clothing provided by FOSST are listed. If you have any questions or do you want to know more about the precise distribution, please contact the treasurer of FOSST via

If you want to request an insurance subsidy for internal tournaments, fill out the insurance subsidy-form and hand it in at the FOSST boardroom or send it to

If you have incurred declarabele costs for FOSST, fill out the reimbursment form and hand it in at the FOSST boardroom or send it to

In this document are all the requirements for FOSST contributes.