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The associations room is specially designed for the board members of the 22 student sports associations to do their managerial work. With the exception of certain print and copy operations all the facilities of the associations room are offered freely. Below you will found an oversight of all the facilities sports council FOSST can offer to her associations.

Each association has its own mailbox in the associations room. Sports council FOSST will put all the mail of the associations in these mailboxes. Also messages of FOSST will end in the mailboxes. It is important that each association checks their mailbox regularly, to stay up to date.

At the associations room are a number of computers, which a board member can use to work for their association. Information about access to these computers is available at the board of sports council FOSST.

It is possible to print at the associations room. For larger print jobs you can contact FOSST to print at the FOSST room. When your association has to print a very large number of pages the costs will be charged on the association. Each association has a certain number of pages that can be printed for free. We ask every association to note the number of pages every time you have printed on the FOSST room.

Copying is only possible at the FOSST room when the board is at the office. When your association has to copy a very large number of pages the costs will be charged on the association.

Lockers & Archive
At the associations room lockers are available. The space in the lockers is equal to about five ordners. Each locker has its own number, after the payment of 10 euros deposit the association can pick up the key at room of sports council FOSST. Current paperwork of the association can hereby be stored at a central point in the Sports Center for all the authorized members of the association.

Do you want to meet with your board member at a quiet place? It is possible to make a reservation for a meeting room in the Tilburg University Sports Center. The reservation of a meeting room can be done by sending an email to Marcel, an employee of the Sports Center. You can reach Marcel through the following email address: verhuur@tilburguniversity.edu.

For the associations room it is also possible to make a reservation. To make a reservation we recommend the association to contact the secretary of FOSST, info.fosst@gmail.com. The secretary will make the reservation final to put a paper sheet at the door of the associations room. The reason to contact FOSST is that multiple student sports associations want to make a reservation at the same time.

Next to reservations of the associations room for meetings, associations can use the associations room for tournaments of other events. This will mean that the association can make use of the associations room exclusively during a certain period. As an exception the association can store stuff that they need for the tournament or event, but also as a central point for during the tournament were the event planners. Please contact FOSST via info.fosst@gmail.com so we can check the associations room is available during your tournament or event.

Sports council FOSST offers all these facilities freely. We are asking you friendly not to eat or drink at he associations room, because computers could be damaged by this. Storing your personal stuff at the associations room is also not a purpose of the associations room. Also the view of empty packages and dirty dishes is not attractive to your fellow users. We also want to ask you friendly to leave the association room in the same condition as when you entered the associations room.