Federation Of Student Sports Tilburg (FOSST) is the umbrella organization of all student sports in Tilburg.
The board strives for the following core functions in their daily activities:

Representing of Interests

Representing the interests of all the sporting students in Tilburg is the primary goal for the sports council FOSST. In this respect the sports council is the point of contact foor all 22 student sports associations (SSVs) and all individual athletes. Over 7500 students in Tilburg are in possession of a sports membership of the Tilburg University Sports Center. All students can make use of plenty of accommodations and a wide range of sports. FOSST thinks it is very important that the student is the main focus and that the student is heard to serve their interests as well as possible.

For student sports internal and external relations are very important. That is why FOSST represents all the student sports associations and all sporting students in meetings with other student organizations of Tilburg University. The sports council also works closely together with the management and employees of the Sports Center to ensure the quality of the student sports and improve it where it is necessary. Next to this FOSST represents the student sports in Tilburg at a national level. For example, once a month FOSST has a meeting with all other sports councils of other university cities in The Netherlands and the umbrella organization Student Sports Nederland.

Support, Stimulation and Promotion
For nationwide student sports events like the Batavierenrace, Student Wintersport and the Big Dutch Student Championship FOSST organizes a delegation from Tilburg. Next to the nationwide events the sports council also organizes their own events to stimulate the student sports as much as possible. Examples of this stimulation are different workshops, Open Futsal Competition, the Carnivals Volleyball Tournament and the Dutch Student Championship FIFA. When organizing these events FOSST tries to involve as many student sports associations as possible to promote the associations. Not only sports events, but also activities like a day for the boards of the associations, a party for all the champions are organized by FOSST for all the student sports associations. FOSST has as primary goal to support all the boards and associations on both organizational and on financial level to ensure the quality of both recreational and professional sports. To promote the student sports the best we can intensive communication with external institutes like Tilburg University, Fontys Hogeschool, Avans Hogeschool and the community of Tilburg is essential.