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Sports council FOSST offers each student sports association different possibilities to promote their association or events. Below some resources associations can use for promotion are mentioned. To use one of these resources you need to get in touch with FOSST. After all, the board of FOSST strives for as much publicity for her student sports associations as possible.

Narrowcasting at the Sports Center 
The Narrowcasting are all the screens that are attached to the walls of the Sports Center. The associations can show their posters or short movies at these screens in the Sports Center. However, at the same time the narrowcasting is also visible in Fitness T-Kwadraat. A request for the screens of the narrowcasting can be send to

For a poster we would like to receive a photo with landscape format. This is because of the format of the narrowcasting screens. The texts in your narrowcasting are preferable in English. And we would like to deliver the narrowcasting in .jpg format. The best resolution for a narrowcasting is 1920 x 1020 pixels.

A short movie can also be showed on the screens. The maximum duration of the short movie is 50 seconds. The format of the movie has to be .H264 of MPEG4. The best resolutions for the movies are 1920 x 1020 pixels (Full HD) or 1280 x 720 pixels (HD). Please take care that a movie has to be delivered without sound.

FOSST refunds 10 euros of printed matter for the promotion of their students sports association. Poster can be printed at A1-format or A2-format. Associations are free to design the poster themselves and can send the design to the board of FOSST. We will take care of the printed matter. The poster of A1-format can be placed in the ‘sandwich’-billboard at the entrance of the Sports Center. The poster of A2-format can be placed at the panels in the coffee corner, just after the entrance gates.

Bulletin boards University
FOSST has possibilities to publish on the bulletin boards at Tilburg University. Besides FOSST, all the other student sports associations can place publications on the bulletin boards. Please take care that student sports associations can only publish that the bulletin boards of sports council FOSST. Placing posters anywhere else on the campus is strictly forbidden. At the Hogescholen of Fontys and Avans it is also possible to place publications of the associations. Please contact FOSST for the exact places to publish.

Info TOP
During the TOP-week around 130 stands of all different sports, study, and student associations and institutions of both Tilburg University and HBO institutions Fontys and Avans will show what they can offer to students. FOSST, the Sports Center and student sports associations can also make use of this opportunity. For this kind of possibility to promote your association it is not necessary to contact FOSST. Sports council FOSST will get in touch with the associations for a request of participation.