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With a sports membership it is possible to practice all different kinds of sports offered in the schedule, participate in clinics, courses and make use of all the facilities of the Sports Center. Next to this it is also possible to make use of additional accommodations where the Sports Center is active. For example a manege, swimming pools, skating rink and golf course. The possession of a sports membership is mandatory for the membership of a student sports association.


Annual membership
An annual membership for students costs € 134,95 for the academic year 2019-2020, for staff members and AIOs € 158,95 and for graduates there is a membership upward of € 249,95. For other target groups other tariffs are applicable. The sports membership is valid from the date the membership is purchased. For example, a membership purchased in October 2018 is applicable till October 2019. All tariffs per target group can be found here.


Flexible sports memberships
Next to an annual membership it is also possible to obtain a semi-annual, summer, or day membership at the Sports Center. For students sporting in the Sports Center for six months will cost € 98,95. It is also possible to purchase a one-day pass for € 7,50. With this pass you can make use of all the facilities of the Sports Center for one whole day. The summer membership lasts from 1st of July until 31st of August. All memberships are valid form the date the membership is purchased. Click here for more information about flexible sports memberships.

For some target groups different request procedures are applicable. More information about this can be found at the website of the Sports Center or received at the reception desk.

For who are the memberships applicable?
– Students and graduates of Tilburg University, Avans Hogescholen and Fontys Hogescholen
– AIOs at Tilburg University
– Staff members at Tilburg University, Avans Hogescholen Tilburg and serveral Fontys institutes in Tilburg
– Foreign students
– TIAS students
– Students of other universities
– Fontys students who study in Eindhoven, but live in the municipality of Tilburg
– Avans Hogescholen students who study in Breda or Den Bosch, but live in the municipality of Tilburg