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The Sports Center has a very extensive sports program. In total the program consists out of more than 45 different sports in which you can participate. Per year many workshops and courses, for both beginners and advanced athletes. You can always join a training, in every sport and every level that fits you. However, it is mandatory to have a sports membership. Next to this it is possible to rent sports halls or courts yourself via My Sports Account. And do you want to relax? Book the sauna.

There is also a possibility for sports associations and groups of membership holders to gather and meet at a fixed time to sport together. These fixed times will be discussed in consultation with the Sports Center. In the sports schedule an oversight of all lessons, trainings and workshops that are given is available.

Four times a year there is a possibility to subscribe for a workshop in several sports, like yoga, badminton, tennis, squash and table tennis. Please check the website of the Sports Center about when and how you can subscribe yourself for these workshops.