Associations have different possibilities to request subsidies and to generate additional revenues. Below an overview of all the possible subsidies and where they can be requested is given. When an association wants to request for a subsidy, the best thing to do is to discuss this with the treasurer of FOSST. The treasurer is up to date about all the different regulations and criteria for the subsidy requests.

Subsidy regulation Internal Tournaments
When an association wants to organize a tournament, they can submit their budget estimate to FOSST. If the balance sheet total of the budget (excluding the rent of subsidized accomodation) is below an amount of 1350 euros, it is only necessary to approve the budget by the board. If the balance sheet total of the budget is higher than 1350 euros, it is necessary to have an approval of both the board and the supervisory board of FOSST. The budgets need to be submitted according to the standard budget of sports council FOSST. More information can be found in the Code of Conduct.

When a tournament organized by a student sports association, held in the Sports Center, makes a loss FOSST will provide a financing guarantee of a maximum amount of 230 euros. To stake a claim at this financing guarantee the association has to submit their budget at the treasurer of FOSST at least two weeks before the event takes place. The treasurer will check the budget and assign the financing guarantee when the budget is correct. It is never harmful to request for subsidy, we recommend the associations to always try. However, it is not the intention to take the subsidy into your budget beforehand. A tournament on its own shouldn’t make a loss.

Clothing of Tilburg University
Tilburg University provides clothing for all the first teams of the student sports associations. Ordering the clothes will be done in cooperation with FOSST. On average each association can order new team clothing every four years. This depends on the size and the costs of the package. The team clothing that is not outworn will be passed on to the second team of the association. If you have any questions concerning clothing please check our clothing policy here or contact our treasurer via