Studentensport Nederland (SSN) is a national organization. SSN is an umbrella organization for the Dutch student sport and their aim is to serve the interests of the sporting students. This is applicable on both individual athletes as well on the different organizations which are under supervision of SSN; the sports councils in different cities (OSSO’s), the student sport unions (SSBs) and for local events like the GNSK and NSKs, which will be organized under  die worden georganiseerd under the auspices of SSN. The OSSOs and SSBs serve the intersts of the student sports associations and athletes on a more local level.

To fulfill the the role of serving the interests of student sport, SSN has eight ambitions:

1. Studentensport Nederland presents and profiles itself on national and international level as the only nationwide Dutch representative of student sports.

2. SSN is a platform for knowledge when it concerns aspects like students and sports.

3. SSN stimulates the governmental student framework so it can develop and evolve itself on both local as well on national level.

4. SSN is a broad organization and has attention for recreational sports, top sporst and the transfer of knowledge.

5. The current level of events organized with permission of SSN has to be maintained.

6. At all HBO – WO institutes sports has to be an important and recognized theme. SSN wants to play an active role in this.

7. Raise awareness under active students in the sportive student population. This has to ensure the continuity even more.

8. An effectieve board at SSN has to lead to a more efficient organization.

As nationwide student sports umbrella organization, SSN is an organization ‘for and by students’. This means the daily board is formed by three part-time students, supported by an office employee and a board consultant. To ensure the stability and continuity a clear connection in both organizational as financial ways with the sports center of the universities is essential.

From their position as national umbrella organization SSN is affiliated to the European University Sports Association (EUSA) and the Federation Internationale du Sport Universitaire (FISU). These organizations will come in the picture when athletes are going to European- (EUCs) and World Championships (WUCs) for students and participation to the Universiades. The winners of the differents NSKs will qualify for the EUCs. Student athletes who qualify for tournaments on a worldwide level, like WUCs and Universiades, is a responsiblity of SSN Topsport, a subsidary of SSN.

Studentensport Nederland is an Extraordinary Member at the national sports umbrella organization NOC*NSF. This means that no financial resources of the organized sports are flowing to the student sport, but knowledge and network possibilities are. Studentensport Nederland is also affiliated to the Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg (ISO) and has an agreement with other national student boards, like the Landelijke Studenten Vakbond (LSVb), these are very useful in for example political lobbies.

Dutch Student Championships (NSK)

Every year in more than 50 kinds of sports NSKs are organized. This happens under auspices of Studentensport Nederland (SSN). The ‘Nederlands Studenten Kampioenschap’ is a protected brand and by SSN filed in the brand bureau of the Benelux. This includes that no other organization can organize a NSK, or degeneration of the name like ‘‘Nederlands Kampioenschap voor Studenten’ without permission of SSN.

The organization of a NSK is normally outsourced to a commission in the organizing city. Often this commission consists of the sports association that is settled in that city. To check all the different championships that are organized and to ensure that the championship is held only once per calendar year, the commission has to submit a request to SSN via its sports council. After the approval of SSN, the OSSO and the Sports Center the commission can start the organization of the NSK supported. SSN supports these commissions among others by providing grants and by providing medals and posters.

The nature of every NSK is different; some are multiple day NSKs with over 100 participants. Others are smaller and the NSK is held on one particular day, in these NSKs participate is more important than winning. SSN strives after well organized NSKs, in which the sportive nature is highly valued. The winners may call their selves real winners. The amount of participants is definitely not decisive for this.

SSN encourages the organization of these events sincerely. SSN is aware of the fact that the organization often is based on the shoulders of volunteers. SSN helps and supports the organization where it is necessary, but gives the commissions more than enough freedom for their own ideas.


Overviwe of student sports councils (OSSOs)